Amnesty for Minors

There was recently a bill introduced to the Michigan Senate that would grant amnesty to under aged drinkers who require medical assistance and allow them to receive care without the threat of a MIP citation. Unlike previous attempts, this bill has the support from health care providers, universities, law enforcement agencies, as well as several senators but it's approval has been delayed until the current law can be modified, however likely that is.

Currently, the law requires that the police be contacted when an intoxicated minor seeks medical attention or is brought in during an emergency, such as alcohol poisoning or serious injury. This is serious because many youth are deterred from seeking help to avoid police involvement and will attempt to deal with these dangerous and even life-threatening situations on their own.

And there are people who are fine with this, who have no problem with young people suffering from long-term damage or even dying because they didn't receive medical care- because they deserve it. I've even heard someone argue that this bill discourages personal responsibility and will cause more under aged drinking, which is bullshit. This bill is not about promoting, or even preventing, under age drinking; it is about protecting young people which is something everyone should support.