Yesterday after I class I went to the shelter and because I had only stopped in for a couple hours earlier that week I wasn't aware of any of the recent events and learned one of our clients went missing on Monday and instead of confirming the client's safety the shelter manager simply closed her file and moved her things into the shed.


Apparently none of the other counselors were worried about the fact that the client had lied about where she was going, was last seen getting into a car with three strange men, left all of her belongings, and had been gone for four days. And apparently I was the only one concerned about where this client was and about the ethics of closing her file so I rallied the other interns and convinced them that we should go over the manager's head and contact the police. After the police arrived we learned that unless we thought she was in immediate danger that there wasn't much that they could do but thankfully after calling her emergency contact again and calling almost all of her relatives I was able to locate the client and confirm that she was alright. I was relieved that she was alright but also incredibly frustrated that she didn't think to call and let us know she was okay. But mostly I'm just angry with our manager and I can't believe she would close a client's file without knowing they were safe. I haven't had a chance to talk to her about this but I left her a brief note in the log book about what we did. I'm hoping to be hired as a fill-in or possibly even a full-time advocate soon so I'm reluctant to get on her bad side but I'm not going to pretend that I agree with her or apologize for my actions.


Ash H. said...

Hello. I just found your blog and wanted to make a comment on this entry! I can not believe that this organization did this. I am appalled! Kudos for you for standing up for what you believe is right.